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Welcome to Sew Guides, the ultimate review site for all things sewing! Meet Emma, your go-to guide for everything sewing-related. With over 10 years of experience, Emma is an expert in all types of stitching, from the classic straight stitch to the more intricate blind hem and blanket stitch by hand. Her passion for sewing began when she discovered her grandmother's old Singer machine, and since then, she has honed her skills and become a valuable resource for sewing alterations. Emma's style is modern and fun, with a focus on quality sewing and attention to detail. She loves experimenting with different types of stitching and is a frequent visitor to local sewing shops. Her mission is to inspire others to sew and create their own unique pieces. From basting stitch to zigzag stitch, Sew Guides has got you covered with helpful tips, tricks, and tutorials. Looking for a sewing shop near you? Sew Guides has got the top recommendations for you! Whether you're in search of a sewing place or the best sewing company in town, Emma has the inside scoop. She also shares her favorite sewing patterns and designers, such as Seamwork Patterns, True Bias, and Spencer Ogg Patterns. Emma is not just an expert in types of stitching - she's also a teacher! She can be found teaching sewing classes at Sew Creative Lounge and Sew It Academy, where she shares her expertise in the grainline of fabric and the different types of hand stitches. Follow her on SewCanShe and Sew4Home for more sewing inspiration and tips and tricks. At Sew Guides, we believe that anyone can learn to sew and that sewing is sew much fun! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced sewist, there's always something new to learn. Join our community of fellow sewing enthusiasts and let's create together!